Cricket Batting Techniques

Cricket Batting Techniques

A regular batting technique generally refers to the posture of a batsman’s, his movements, and a cricket stroke’s body performance. Here are only a few tips to improve the Cricket batting techniques. Every beginner wants to become a great player of cricket. There are a number of strategies and tricks you should know about the sport as a beginner to ace. The three components that are important in cricket are bowling, batting, and fielding. Here are few other really helpful cricket batting tips for you if you want to become a great batsman.

Cricket Batting Techniques for Beginners

Standing Ways :Usually stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, facing the bowler. Bend your body, holding your back straight, with your hips. Point your quasi shoulder towards the bowler as you hold the bat ready, and make sure to keep your eyes on the ball. Your shoulders should not drop at all times and must be at eye level. If you’re right-handed, you’re on the right side of the stump. This is one the basic cricket batting techniques.

Holding Batting Position: Always keep your bat tightly and close. Your left hand should hold the end of the bat with the elbows facing the bowler if you are right-handed, and your right hand should be placed outside the left hand and hold the bat with 2 fingers and with the thumb. For a stronger and tighter grip, the thumb and index finger should be in the V position. For left-handed batsmen, the reverse. Use the method of 90 degree to hold the bat which is the base of the cricket batting techniques.

Tapping the Bat on Ground Line :This tells the bowler that you are ready to bat, if you focus on the protection line. Do not knock hard on the ground strongly. At all times, make sure your bat is as straight as possible to preserve your body shape.

While Batting : In cricket batting Techniques or tips Batting Plays a main role in the cricket and the base of cricket. Always keep your main leg in the front and swing your bat backward for momentum when the ball is coming at you and you have to strike it. It should point straight in the air when raising your bat, and should come up to your back shoulder. If the ball is low, step forward to reach it, and step blackboard if it is high. Make sure that your forearm can line up as you raise your bat to strike the ball. The arm is intended to line up with your elbow.

Focus On the Ball :Eye on the ball, always. You will work out the position that you have to take to strike the ball if you watch the ball before it pitches. Think about which shot to strike as the ball comes towards you. You can drive to take long shots if the ball pitches at a sweet spot, but if the ball pitches too high or low, take a shot of defence. This is one of the most important methods of cricket batting for beginners. This is the main point in the cricket batting techniques.

Practice in Front Of Mirror :Practising your battingĀ in front of a mirror helps make you perfect before practising with a ball. This is referred to as shadow cricket. This will help you see your movement and help you make necessary changes to your position. It improve the standing and holding batting position in Cricket batting techniques.

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