History Of cricket

History Of Cricket

The History Of Cricket is uncertain. Its name was most actually derived from the English Word cryce, which means “stick,” and resembled the 13th century game known as club-ball in its rough form.

In the 18th century, cricket evolved in England, largely due to the interest of great owners who tried their talents with their peasants and the local peasantry on a field of play.

Somewhere in the Dark Ages, perhaps after the Roman Empire, almost certainly before the Normans conquered England, and almost certainly somewhere in Northern Europe, the roots of cricket lie. All research agrees that the origin of cricket derived from a very old, widespread and uncomplicated pastime by which an object, whether a small piece of wood or a ball, was served by one player, and another hit it With a club appropriately designed.

It is simply not known how and why this club-ball game formed into one where a target against the ball was defended by the hitter. Nor is there any evidence as to when points were awarded based on how far the hitter was able to dispatch the missile; nor when assistants entered the two-player competition. Thus starting the History Of Cricket into a team sport; or when the defining notion of putting wickets Introduced at each end of the pitch.

History Of cricket In 18th and 19th centuries

As early as the 17th century, History of cricket was brought to North America by the English colonies, and it arrived in other parts of the globe in the 18th century. It was brought by colonists to the West Indies and by British East India Company mariners to India. As soon as colonization began in 1788, it arrived in Australia and the sport reached New Zealand and South Africa in the early years of 19th Century.

Origin of Cricket established itself as the only major sport in London and the South-East Counties of England during the first half of the 18th century. Its reach was limited by travel restrictions, but in other parts of England it was steadily gaining popularity and Women’s Cricket dates back to 1745, when Surrey played the first known match.

The first Cricket Laws were written in 1744 and later revised in 1774, when innovations such as lbw, 3rd stump,-the middle stump and the maximum bat width were added. The rules were drawn up by the Celebrity and Garter Club, whose leaders finally founded the popular Marylebone Cricket Club at Lord’s in 1787. Immediately, MCC became the custodian of the Laws and has made revisions ever since. And then on to the modern day.

Early in the 19th century in the history Of cricket, due to the Napoleonic Wars, recovery began in 1815. Sussex was the first English county club to be established in 1839, and the rest followed suit by the end of the 19th century. In 1846, a traveling “All-England Eleven” was organized as a commercial venture that did a great deal to spread the game to areas that had never before seen highest level cricket.

The development of the railway system also helped to spread cricket, as long distance teams could play one another without a time-consuming journey. Not only that, but the viewer could travel longer distances to matches, increasing the size of the large groups. British Army forces around the world have encouraged locals to play, increasing the number of teams across the old British Rule history Of Cricket.

Women cricket played a significant role in the development of sport in the 19th century, and the first women’s county match was held in 1811. Women’s games were often played in front of big audiences, especially across the south of England and in Australia the first women’s sides began to play the sport in the 1890’s. the most popular history of cricket are 18th and 19th centuries.

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