Is Freelancer a Career

Is Freelancer a Career

Is freelancer a career for  you ? So if you are somebody who is either new to freelancing or you want to start profitable Freelancer a career or agency business . Welcome back to my blog. I give you a useful tips to start freelancing a good career. We are going to go over what it takes to get started in freelance.

If however you already have your freelance business up and running may be you’re struggling to get clients. It highly recommend that if you think is freelancer a career option for many people, especially those with an entrepreneurial spirit and a desire to break free from the monotony of a 9-to-5 job .There are three phases to freelance. There is a prepare phase the acquire phase and the retained phase.

Is Freelancer a Career Presentation Phase

we are going to be covering the prepare phase which means anything that you have to do for your business and your work to get ready to start attracting clients. Let’s get into it. So the first thing that you want to do is have a skill set. This means you need to know what it is that you are going to offer clients that are then going to pay you for.

This could be anything from creative writing software development design Q A Marketing Sales social media management. You could even get released plat form specific on the social media side and just hone in to may be Pinterest management or Instagram management .It’s really up to you on what you think that skill set.

Best Way To Find Client In the word  Is Freelancer a Career:

So when you work with clients it’s usually in one of those two veins but when I first initially talk to a client I normally don’t let on about my other skill set unless it is asked about the reason why that’s so important is you do not want to offer somebody a wide list of things that you do.

Because you are going to overwhelm them and they’re going to think that you are too generalized and you’re not very specific in one particular category. Here’s an example you worked with a client and they needed a website redesign and rebuild .So that is specifically what they hired me to do while we were going out and scoping out the work.

I let them know about SEO and keywords and ranking and all that good stuff. I did tell them NOHEY THAT IS A WHOLE NOTHER fee if you want me to do that as well. They said yes .So what did that do. I already have a contract with them. So we already knew what I was doing. I’d let them know while we were building out the scope that I could do this.

That then increased my contract value. So when you’re initially talking to someone make sure that you speak specifically to their needs which would be that skill set that you are offering. And this brings  me to my next point. You need a resume. I  know a lot of times in the world of is freelancer a career good option?

You don’t think you need one but you need one more than ever. Because people actually do not know what it is that you’re good at unless you tell them and show them oftentimes if we seeking out different clients we won’t just give them a regular paper resume   that I would normally submit for job applications based on whatever type of job I’m seeking out.

You also need a portfolio. Oftentimes when you start having a conversation with someone whether that’s on social media through email or even in-person they are going to ask Hey let me see what you did in that vein. Meaning they want to know what you did that is like what they’re wanting. So if you offer website development and may be you specialize in e-commerce they’re going to want to see e-commerce Web sites that you have designed or built.

Is Freelancer a Career Presentation

This presentation is for you if you’re unsure about the difference between is freelancer a career and working full-time. Both working as a freelance employee and as a freelancer have their own set of benefits. However, if you want to work professionally, being a freelancer is a safer option. Here are reasons why you should consider working as a freelancer.

Schedule Flexibility

As a full-time employee, you must be punctual about your arrival and departure times during working hours. Working as a freelancer, on the other hand, allows you to work when it is convenient for you. You can take a break and return to work at any time.

You Should Be Your Own Boss

Before start the work Is freelancer a career You must work under the supervision of your superiors and your supervisor at work. However, as a freelancer, you are your own boss, and you will work according to your own plan, and you will be entirely responsible for any results.

Additional earnings

Most people chose to work is freelancer a career in order to increase their income. It’s not a bad idea at all. We’ve seen a lot of people who are making a lot of money compared to full-time work.


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